Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

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Traditional Breakfast

Farm fresh eggs accompanied by a biscuit or muffin, sausage links, and Lyonnaise potatoes, butter and hone


Continental Breakfast

An assortment of fresh baked goods and a seasonal fresh fruit salad completed with butter and jam


Breakfast Casserole

Min. order of 20. Choose from eggs, bacon and cheese or eggs, roasted vegetables and cheese; accompanied by sausage links or bacon and Lyonnaise potatoes


Traditional Quiche

Traditional quiche in your choice of bacon, vegetable, and cheese; sausage, vegetable and cheese; or roasted vegetable and cheese accompanied by Lyonnaise potatoes and seasonal fresh fruit salad


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad


Hard Boiled Eggs

Per dozen. No shell


Pastries, Muffins, Croissants & Biscuits

Fresh pastry, muffins, biscuits, and croissants (traditional, whole grain, and pretzel) complete with butter, honey and jam


Sweet Croissant

Chocolate, apricot, and almond complete with butter, honey, and jam 



Sold by the dozen


Yogurt Cups


Yogurt Berry Parfait

Layers of seasonal berries, Greek yogurt and granola served in a footed cup




Sausage Links


Sausage Patties


Lyonnaise Potatoes


Coffee & Hot Tea Service


Assorted Breakfast Juices

May include: Orange, Cranberry, Apple & Pineapple 


Coca-Cola Products


Sparkling Water


Bottled Water


Coffee Refresh


Theme Brunch Station: Omelet Station

Our fluffy egg omelets filled with your choice of ingredients: Spinach, sausage, ham, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onion, green onion, assorted peppers, smoked gouda cheese, cheddar cheese, served with ketchup & hot sauces


Theme Brunch Station: Eggs to Order

Two eggs made your way‐ scrambled, over easy or poached, served with pastry and Lyonnaise potatoes


French Toast

Two slices of cinnamon French toast, served with maple syrup, seasonal fruit compote and signature whipping cream